Corsets & Crinolines

VFG member Leila Hidic aka crinolinegirl is the woman behind the place on the internet for everything related to and about Corsets & Crinolines. Her latest Tidbits article is hot off the presses.

Nowadays, when people want to buy a corset, they either surf the web looking for their perfect corset or have to find a shop in their town which sells them. This can often be an embarrassing affair as it seems the only shops that sell corsetry these days tends to be "adult" themed fetish stores. In past decades, this was not the case and specialist corset shops were found in everywhere as every woman required one.

The golden age of corset shops and corset departments in large department stores was in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Beautiful glass sided wooden cabinets showed off 18" waist corsets on silk covered display busts, there were seats beside long wooden counters where women could sit and examine model after model of corset in comfort and in elegance. So come and step back in time and visit

The Old Corset Shop.

Lei has also been recently featured in the Antiques Trade Gazette as shown in the article above. Swing by the VFG Public Forums thread to congratulate her!