Label Me

One of the most successful resources on the VFG website is our Label Resource.

Here you'll find a large collection of vintage label images, complete with biographies and company histories for each label.

We are working hard to make sure this Resource is as comprehensive as possible. It is a work in progress and its growth depends upon contributions of labels. Any omissions are due to the fact that examples of many designers' work are scarce. We welcome contributions of labels that are not represented on the Resource.

This Resource is to be used only as an educational tool, and is not intended as a value guide. Inclusion of a label in the resource is not an indication of value, as garments vary greatly in value depending on many factors. Another point that needs to be considered by users is that some companies used the same label for many years, and just because the garment used on the label resource is a certain date, it does not mean that all garments with the same label are the same date.

We welcome additions from anyone willing to contribute, so please feel free to stop by the 2006 New Label Thread to see about guidelines and how to go about sharing your labels or designer biographies with the vintage fashion world.