Sew Away the Winter Blues

Brrrrrr! I know here on the east coast it's freezing and just the thought of going outside is frightening. But looking on the bright side, it's not very far from Spring and with that comes cute flirty skirts, summer shifts and perhaps even the occasional formal Summer wedding.

So for you talented seamstresses out there, now is the time to get busy on your work. Vintage patterns make for excellent projects and produce unique looks you can't find at the local mall.

Vintage sewing patterns open up a whole new world of collecting for someone interested in vintage fashion. Some collect vintage patterns because they want to reproduce the styles of days gone by for their wardrobes. Others collect them because these slim envelopes filled with tissue give a glimpse into a lifestyle that many of us no longer have the luxury to live. They are, in, and of themselves, a documentation of fashion sewing of the past. The artwork on the envelopes can also be a thing of beauty to behold all by itself.

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Contributed By: FuzzyLizzie and Karen Gray

Be sure to also check out VFG member vintagefashionlibrary's workshop all about Vintage Sewing Patterns. You can then stop by her eBay Store and pick up a few patterns for your next project!