Vintage Couture

It's the time of year to clean out the attics, the garages and Grandma's old trunks. And with that can sometimes come some of the most glorious vintage couture (if you're lucky!). But for those of us who aren't lucky enough to have a rich old Aunt willing to part with her pristine 1950's Dior party dress, we can live vicariously through pictures!

The international fashion world will converge at Doyle New York's April 11 auction of Couture, Textiles and Accessories.

Here in NYC, the popular shop Chelsea Girl just opened Chelsea Girl Couture in SoHo.

As owner Elisa Casas explains, "A Chelsea Girl was a fashion-forward girl who was into the latest music and fashions in London's Chelsea district in the 1960s. She had no inhibitions and taking chances was a way of life for her (think Twiggy, Marianne Faithful, Jane Birken). But she also had an innocent side. I've tried to evoke that attitude in the shop, which will feature ethereal floral dresses, lacey blouses, chiffon gowns and mod touches. While most vintage stores stock a mixed bag...a little of this, a little of that...CGC will have a very distinct look. You won't think "retro" when you see our very modern collection." Quote from DFR Updates 3/24/06.

Looking for vintage pieces with couture quality doesn't mean it has to have an immediately recognizable designer name attached. There were many makers creating couture garments that you may never have heard of. Just look at this amazing 50's Emma Domb party dress from VFG member timelessvixen.

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