Vintage Frightful Frocks!

Halloween is fast approaching and I know I always find myself wishing I could have one of those costumes that don't actually look like a cheesy store bought flammable fabric mess!

Enter the VFG's annual VFF - Vintage Frightful Frocks online sales event. Real vintage garments perfect for costume play now and sometimes even fabulous enought to wear later. For Halloween you could be a Southern Belle a la Scarlett O'Hara but come June, you can wear that beautiful formal gown to your boyfriends prom. Or giddy up as a cowgirl with a fringed leather vest, a pair of chaps and some cowboy boots for trick or treating and the next day you could rock those boots with your newest pair of skinny jeans.

The possibilities are endless and the creativity of our sellers takes all the work out of deciding what to search for! So starting September 17th and all the way up to Halloween (isn't overnight express mail just *delightful*?) just search VFF on eBay & other participating vintage shops to find a Vintage Frightful Frock for you!