Bill Belew: Costume Designer for Elvis Presley

Legendary costume designer Bill Belew died on January 7, 2008. When Elvis Presley appeared in a comeback television special in 1968, he wore a tight fitting black leather suit made by Bill Belew. Mr. Belew then went on to design the flamboyant jumpsuits, capes, and wide belts that became Elvis's trademark stage-wear in the 1970's.

Mr. Belew worked with many performers over the years, but he is best known for the jumpsuits he designed for Presley. The costumes were given names, including the Burning Love Suit, the Flame Suit, and the Dragon Suit.

This Peacock Suit was reportedly Elvis' favorite. Worked in chainstitch embroidery, it features a peacock on the front and back and had feathers tapering off the tail of the peacock and down the side of the leg of the jumpsuit.

For more information about Bill Belew, read this interview from 2005.