A Wiggle In Her Walk

How do you put a wiggle in YOUR walk? With a vintage wiggle dress, naturally! The term wiggle dress has become widely sought out by collectors and wearers of vintage clothing, so much so that it has become a sort of catch-all term and quickly becoming misused. So let's clear it up! The definition of a wiggle dress is fairly simple....to be a TRUE wiggle dress, the width of the hemline must be narrower than the hips and typically will NOT have a slit or kick pleat. This is what forces te wearer to wiggle when she walks! Since the silhouette of the wiggle is an hourglass, dresses with pencil cut skirts with small slits or kick pleats have come to be acceptable as a wiggle dress as well. A wiggle dress will NOT have an A-line, flared, full or circle skirt.

Need a visual? This one adds a little lace to the lady's bombshell wardrobe, in navy blue....a Pat Hartly dress from VFG member's eBay shop GLAMOURSURF'S TURF....