**VFG Must See**Montreal YSL Exhibit**

Visit the MONTREAL MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS and take in all that is Yves Saint Laurent during their YSL Retrospective, on exhibit from May 29 to September 28, 2008. From the site....

"Yves Saint Laurent is famed for revolutionizing the haute couture tradition and laying the foundations of modern women’s wear. The wardrobe basics that he designed – pantsuit, culotte skirt, pea coat, blazer, safari jacket and tuxedo ­– shone with his innovative style and became true timeless classics. His designs were equally remarkable, reflecting wide-ranging sources of inspiration. In Saint Laurent’s stylistic vocabulary, music, art, performance, literature and impressions of far-off places were just as important as the new shapes he introduced."

Note the exhibit will visit San Francisco after its stint up north!