Bakelite Baubles & More

What is it about a fun and kitschy wartime plastic that collectors go "gah gah" over? Vibrant colors? Creative carvings? Whimsical designs?

Jewelry, buttons, shoe clips, handbags, and a myriad of products were made from the versatile and popular Bakelite catalin, a cast phenolic resin formulated in the early 1900's, and which flourished in popularity during it's 30's and early 40's hey day.

Here's a sampling of genuine bakelite items from the shops of VFG members.

Big Yellow Taxi
Vintage Bakelite Clamper Bracelet Hand Carved Creamed Corn

Linn's Collection
Art Deco Style Shoe Clips

Joules Vintage
Bakelite Buttons Jet Black Set of Twelve

Special Somethings
Pair Vintage Butterscotch Carved Bakelite Dress Clips

Vintage Green Bakelite Carved Dress clips set pair

Aaralyn's Velvet Dragonfly
Vintage 1930s Butterscotch Deeply Carved Bakelite Earrings