On the Road: Museum Exhibits

It's December, so that means we were on the road for our traditional winter trips to Indianapolis and Cincinnati. Now we pack the day full on these, from art galleries to plant conservatories to antique shops, malls, restaurants, and museums. We always plan too much and run out of time, but that means we will go back. This time we were lucky, and both the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Indianapolis Museum of Art had fashion exhibits. Great fun. As ever, we hit some vintage shops and antique malls in each city. And we thank Venus and Mars in Fountain Square for the tweed hat! Now, the exhibits:
United States Wedding Dress: Bodice, Overskirt, Skirt, and Underskirt,1869 Cotton Gift of Milton and Kathryn Graff

At Cincinnati: there's Wedded Perfection: Two Centuries of Wedding Gowns, running until January 30, 2011. This is a very polished presentation of wedding dresses from 1800 to the modern day with the focus on the shift of the historical wedding dress from a symbol of purity and chastity to the centerpiece of a grand spectacle with many theatrical overtones.
Modern designers are represented ..............for more: Past Perfect Vintage.