*Fresh Vintage* August 4 - 10

We're back with a look at some of the highlights of last week's Fresh Vintage, the weekly VFG Forum thread where you can get an early look at the latest listings from VFG's trade members.

I'll start you off with some fierce vintage, the famous Scandal Swimsuit from Cole California, designed by Margit Fellegi in 1964. This is newly available at Glamoursurf

You can find these vibrant and playful embellished pumps at Miss Martys

And The Spectrum has listed several fabulous full circle embellished Mexican skirts, including this black velvet one.

For more of last week's Fresh Vintage, click the title of this blog post. If you'd like to see what's Fresh this week, beofre it gets to the blog, head over to the Current Fresh Thread. There's mid-century eyeglass frames, Italian leather boots, feathered hats and much more!