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Today's featured seller is Amber and you can visit her shop The Vintage Vortex here.

1. When did you first get interested in vintage fashion & why?

I became interested in vintage fashion back in high school. I was always interested in wearing something unique and not blending into the woodwork. Vintage was great for that. Also, I have been a fan of classic film since I was a child, so the vintage styles have always appealed to me.

2. Do you regularly wear vintage?

Sadly no. I live at the beach and work from home and am a bit of a homebody, so vintage doesn't suit my everyday lifestyle. For the most part I'm a jeans and t-shirt gal. However I do have a great collection of vintage purses and a few dresses that I shine in for the nights out on the town.

3. Do you have a Holy Grail?

I adore Dorothy O'Hara dresses. I jump for joy every time I find one.

4. If you could visit the atelier of any fashion designer (dead or alive), who would it be?

Definitely Alfred Shaheen.
I'm just fascinated and enamored with how Shaheen accentuated the female form so well with his designs AND made all of his own amazing prints to boot! His sundresses are sweet, his sarong dresses sultry and his evening wear divine! It's not Paris couture, but it's just all good to me.

5. What do you see as the future of vintage?

This is a difficult question. I feel that the quality of clothing has really gone down hill over the last 2 decades. The high quality but small American made companies and designers that used to pepper the country have all but disappeared and have been replaced by larger mass production companies in favor of cheap labor and lesser quality from abroad. As we have developed into a society that focuses on things that are disposable, our clothing is following suit; it's not made to last. For the most part, the clothing you buy today will not hold up over time like the clothing from the older decades has.

Of course there are some exceptions; namely high end and designer clothing that is better made and of higher quality fabrics. I imagine for this reason that what does survive will be even more desirable for lack of availability.

6. What is your favorite item in your shop?

By far this Robbie Bee 1970's wool maxi skirt. It's just so gorgeous.

Here are a few more items from Amber's shop:

Kamehameha Vintage Early 1960's Hawaiian Sundress

Vintage late 1950's Sky Blue Pencil Shirt Dress by Country Set

Amazing UNWORN Vintage 1960s Surfer Girl Bikini